An Afternoon in Lambda Moo

Despite all of the technology that we have today, Lambda Moo still shocked me when I logged on. It was so simple, so black and white and basic that it took me a while to fully grasp what I was getting myself into. I’m immediately put into a coat closet? Is this a scene from Narnia? As I continued to navigate throughout the virtual world the different codes and keys became more familiar and simple. I began to make a mental map of where I had been and felt the need to keep exploring deeper into this digital house and world it existed in. The game reminded me of The Sims, a childhood favorite of mine, however I began to question what the “point” or strategy of this world was. Was I supposed to make friends? Keep traveling about? Was something going to happen if I didn’t? However, despite my inquiries, it appears that the point of Lamba Moo isn’t to win anything or aspire for a goal. The world of Lamba Moo is much like the real world and serves as a platform to simply exist and it’s up to the individual to make something of it. You can converse is a space unlike any place in real life because you are shrouded by an overall shield of anonymity by the text based platform. The world exists only as you imagine it and is a chance to escape somewhere very simple. Lambda Moo is such an interesting idea to me and really connected me to a time before the internet became as complex as it is today and back to the creative yet simple digital world that first existed.


One comment

  1. The part about LambdaMoo having no real end goal or point really in playing was a realization that I also came to. It seems the game is so interesting, because of the very fact that there is nothing we are ultimately trying to achieve or win. The point of the game is to just exist and converse and live a life similar to the physical ones we live, which is a concept that is foreign to those of us that play more modern online games.

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