LambdaMoo, and interesting concept.

Logging into LambdaMoo was a very odd and somewhat exciting experience. When I first logged in, all I could think of was of how I already didn’t feel like reading all the text. As I set off into the game, I became more interested and fascinated by how drawn in I was into the game. The options I was given kept my attention at each stop and wanted to continue simply to see what option I would be given next.

I am not an avid video game player, in fact I don’t own any video game systems aside from my roommates old Nintendo. I find that I just don’t have the patience to sit through a whole game without getting distracted. However, LamdaMoo is completely different from typical video games. I decided to research the game further and find out what makes LamdaMoo such a large community. After finding out that you can become a member and create a custom character, I became even more interested. I didn’t become a member, but the whole idea of the community in a text-based environment is alien to me.

As I delved deeper and deeper into LamdaMoo, I would occasionally run into someone else who was in the same area as I was. On one of the paths that I took, I was taken to a cemetery where the usernames of other players who have died where written on the tombstone. The game was so descriptive that I was able to visualize the paths and events that where taking place. As I continued to research, I found information on how other players had been able to create separate rooms and paths within the game. This community was able to contribute to the growth of this game, making it now an even bigger platform.

Overall, I enjoyed exploring LambdaMoo, but  like most games, after awhile I simply became tired of it. It might have been because I was only playing as guest, and couldn’t do all the things users do. The concept of the game is interesting, and definitely engages the user into wanting to continue playing the game. Its something I would play again, just to see where I would end up next in the game.



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  1. I feel the same way regarding LambdaMoo and how, at first, it was difficult to find the motivation to read through entire paragraphs, which described my whereabouts. However, after a while I began to forget about the fact that there were no images and I was imagining the different locations clearly. It was a fun game, but I definitely lost interest after a while. I, also, have never been one to play very many virtual games for long periods of time.

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