LambdaMoo or LambdaMootel?: The Old-School Habbo Hotel


Does anyone else here know about Habbo Hotel? I remember my mom (of all people) telling me about it when I was in fifth grade. She read about it in a magazine, and told me that it was this online hotelvirtual world that people play and interact together in. We were both curious, and I, being the more tech-savvy of the two, went online and created a Habbo avatar. I was instantly intrigued, and would continue to go on the site whenever I was bored for years afterwards. Although it’s not a game in a sense where you collect coins or try to beat a high score, it’s a game that allows you to create your own identity that can be as true or false about your physical identity as you choose. You can get a job, a boyfriend/girlfriend, new clothes, cool hair… You can talk to other people online, and have no idea whether that person is who they are really saying they are, or even if they look similar to how they made their avatar. That’s why when I went onto LambdaMoo, I was really intrigued. In many ways, LambdaMoo is similar to Habbo Hotel, except for the fact that you can’t really SEE other people and your surroundings, you just read about them.

My time in LambdaMoo land was spent trying to understand how to navigate and communicate, but also in search of the depths of Dante’s Inferno. In class on Friday I managed to go to Paris, but it wasn’t too much fun there. During my time on LambdaMoo tonight, there would be times when people would say advice to me, telling me that I don’t need to use quotation marks, and not to get the floor all furry again because he just vacuumed (I managed to set the description as myself as “a cat”). I found it interesting that there were people that were so aware of my presence and even saw my self-proclaimed identity as a cat and acknowledge it.  I really appreciate the feel of LambdaMoo.  It is both terrifying and awesome that I had NO idea this community existed and how easily I can become a part of it through this random application I didn’t even know about in my computer.

I really wish I was able to understand how LambdaMoo works so that I could really understand the community of it. Because there definitely is one. When I was searching for the depths of Hell, I was going through a bunch of tunnels and so many people were “asleep” down in those tunnels! Why did they leave their characters there? I don’t know. But I’m curious as to how they interact within the LambdaMoo world. Are those the people who are at “super user” status, such as Mr. Bungle from Dibbel’s article?

I am also very curious about these people that keep the LambaMoo community alive and well. I am going to assume that the community is compromised of around 30 people, because when I logged on in class on Friday before everyone else was intstructed to, there was about 30-some people, and when I logged on tonight, there was 30 people again. What do these people do for a living, and what do they love about LambdaMoo so much?

Upon looking up Habbo Hotel (I couldn’t remember the name of it, so of course I used good ol’ trusty Google to help me out, and I ran across this article.

How to Dibbel’s article and the news article about the children at risk of pedophilia on Habbo Hotel compare?

What are some ways we can monitor interactive game spaces, and is monitoring a good thing? Why or why not?


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