Lambdamoo Realization

As a casual gamer I was excited to try out this Lambdamoo “game.” Only to be completely shocked finding out it was a game that only consists of words and no visual images. My initial reaction to the format of Lambdamoo was this, cannot be fun at all. I was completely wrong! I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting Lambdamoo was.


Figuring out how to operate Lambdamoo was a little bit of a challenge to be honest. Once I learned the “language,” it turned into a game instead of a tedious task. After capturing my extremely short attention span Lambdamoo became an adventure. Although different I found myself enticed by the unknown. Lambdamoo is appealing in that it forces you to use your imagination, like reading a book you create the visuals. I would describe it as getting lost in your imagination.


I couldn’t help but wonder what Lambdamoo would look like in the form of an actual video game. The way I pictured it was like Grand Theft Auto (without the violence) in the sense that it is a free roam game, however I pictured it in the first person like I was actually there. It is weird to think that there are other human beings playing at the same time and that you can be in the same space as them.


It is weird to think that this game exists in the deep dimensions of my computer, and if it weren’t for this class I would most likely have never heard of it. I believe Lambdamoo is the foundation for what we now have today in terms of virtual gaming and online communities. It is crazy to think about how broad Lambdamoo is when it is simply an interactive text box. It amazes me how much technology has advanced since Lamdamoo’s creation.

Posted by: Colin McCall


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