LambDaMoo Who?

As someone who does not identify as a gamer in any way, this online forum/game/thing was a completely new experience. I know what it is like to unlock new levels and worlds in Mario Kart and Sonic, but the completely endless universe of LambDaMoo is mind boggling. Once you figure out what commands to use, you start to feel like you are unlocking doors to become a part of this unique online community.


When I Iogged on for a second time, there were 46 other people logged in and about 3/4s of them were registered characters. To see my Pink_Guest name alongside all these, I can only assume, seasoned veterans was daunting at first. I felt at ease when I started to explore the tutorials and directions they provided. Online communities run the risk of being exclusive, but LambDaMoo is not like that. Of course, it took some time to figure which commands would get me places, but the “help” commands and tutorials made things easier.


The tutorials pushed for a lot of communication with other online members. When I logged in, I just wanted to see where I could go and how far I could get. But, LambDaMoo made it clear that it was easy, simple, and beneficial to create an account and talk with other players. I did not make an account partially because I wanted ride the “guest” stigma/excuse as much as I could. I was pretty clueless logging in, thus being a “guest” allowed me to ask questions to other players and frequently use the “help” command.

This is something I will randomly visit as time goes by. It is a unique way to spend a study break. In the future, I hope to fully enter the community of LambDaMoo as as player and have a better grasp of what it is like to be a part of this online community. This realm is so big and unknown, yet very intriguing.


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  1. Hey, I’m from your discussion group. No one’s e-mails are really correct on the group page so I’d figure I’d contact everyone here. Our discussion is this week, so I figured we should start dividing up the material and writing what we need to write. My e-mai s

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