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As I logged in to the virtual reality of LambdaMoo, I had two curiosities concerning the game. First, I questioned the likelihood of me actually enjoying this game; and, furthermore, I wondered how someone could find a text-based video game entertaining enough to play for long periods of time. For a little over an hour I explored the many different corners of the mansion, became trapped in a void of space, and found myself on a drawbridge to a medieval castle. To say the least, I had been naive to the endless possibilities of LambdaMoo. When first starting out I was often impatient; however, as I became familiar with the tools in the “help” portion I was able to more quickly move about in the space. Overall, my experience dealt with a great amount of frustration, often left me confused, and somehow I still found it enjoyable.

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 9.08.55 PMIt wasn’t until I encountered the Rube Goldberg contraption, about fifteen minutes into the game, that I began to wonder what else this virtual reality offered. There were some points in the game when I found it difficult to communicate actions due to the fact that there were so many other characters typing away. The aspect of communication was odd to me because the conversations I would have with others often did not extend passed a simple “hello”. However, there was one instance, which I wandered into a hair salon, and for about ten minutes I communicated back and forth with someone about hairstyles. Soon enough, my hair was cut and colored purple. After going from watching a Rube Goldberg contraption to getting my hair styled, I began to realize the diverse amount of actions one can witness and perform in this virtual world. From the readings this week regarding the Bungle Affair, this realization was both exciting and somewhat frightening at the same time.

Eventually, I found myself stuck in a loop, walking around the same places and unable to find anyone to talk to. I have never been one to play video games for hours on end, and this game was no different. However, I was able to recognize the different ways LambdaMoo can be considered entertaining, even without any visual depictions.


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