Mark and the Seven Dwarfs

I grew up racing home after school with my brother so we could both hop on and play Runescape together.  Yes, I was that kid and I’m sure many others of you were as well.  While I was only seven at the time, that is all I really I know about virtual spaces online.  Then there is LambdaMoo. LambdaMoo was an entirely different experience because unlike the experience I had when I played with my brother, everything in LambdaMoo was entirely user generated.  The readings from the week talk a lot about communities online and the entire LambdaMoo game is essentially a community project, much like how we have community gardens or murals.  Every aspect of the game (or world is maybe what I should be calling it) was so detailed down to the very tiniest of things.  That is just how much time and effort the creators spent developing every unique spot of the game. 

While on my journey through LambdaMoo I spent most of my time in an underground tunnel (after I figured out how to get out the linen closet and then the house (finally)).  The description of the tunnel was pretty bare with it reading “it is dark and musty. You can go north or south” or eventually it just saying “it is too dark to see anything” so I was forced to just type commands in and eventually find my way.  What I found to be incredibly unique however was when I fell down a hole and wander into a magic room where there were scrolls and such.  In the corner of the room there was a spiral stair case taking me farther and farther until I was with dwarves.  What was so unique and interesting about this was that I just went from fumbling around in a closet to being with dwarves just by exiting a house.  I believe this shows the ability for anyone to be anything or go anywhere they want in a game like LambdaMoo.  If you always wanted to explore underground caves with dwarves, why not make it happen?



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  1. When I was younger I joined Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom which was also an online space. I agree that LambdaMoo is an entirely different experience. The openness of the game combined with the fact that it is entirely text-based made the initial experience a bit frustrating. However, after seeing all the possibilities LambdaMoo has to offer, I was completely taken in and became invested in what different possibilities and scenarios could emerge.

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