Mental PuTTY

I honestly had very low expectations for LambdaMoo. But I really enjoyed it. It almost seems pointless to try to compare it to other online games, especially to current online games. There really doesn’t seem to be point to LambdaMoo, at least not the kind of goals that other online games, like a childhood favorite of mine, Fancy Pants Adventures, usually have. The only thing to do in the game is explore the house and talk to the other people who are logged on. Because there of the way that the game is built, it forces its users to build community in a way other games don’t. Instead of having the opportunity to work alone, or to work against someone else, the game seems to suggest that working together, interacting with each other, being in community together, is the best-and really only- option.

After nearly an hour of exploring LambdaMoo, I honestly couldn’t tell you where I had been. I got a haircut, I hung out in a doghouse, and I slid down a laundry chute. It seems like every door way I went through, every hall way I turned down, every time I typed a command, from the first time I opened the closet door, there was an entirely new place that I felt like I needed to explore. I found myself opened door after door, backtracking to make sure I saw as much as I could. I think that as someone who is so visually driven, it was really a good exercise for me to slow down and have to think about what this place looked like, without having the whole map drawn out for me.

Playing this game made me wonder a few things about it: What does the troll culture look like on LambdaMoo? I imagine that the kinds of trolls that stalk other online forums are by and large ignorant of this type of game, so does that eliminate trolling, or does it just mean the trolls are smarter and able to do more damage?

What does the map of LambdaMoo look like? Could you draw it out?


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