Spector Blog 4

I found Lambdamoo interesting.  I found it hard to navigate.  It seemed very old school, probably established by someone long long ago.  I doubt it was ever updated.  It seems like something straight out of the early 90’s. 

It was something like a zelda game.  Except here your controller was your keyboard.  You typed in words and they took you somewhere or no where.  Often times I got jammed up and didn’t know what phrase to put, I kept putting phrases and eventually I was to the next place.  Sometimes that place was a door, dressing room, window, or cellar. 

I remember doing this exercise in class with other classmates and it helped to work on this as a team.  It helped to collaborate much of the time.  Other times we all were lost. 

I can’t imagine why someone would spend there free time on this site.  I didn’t find it enjoyable at all.  It was frustrating.  It did not make much sense.  It seemed like an endless maze.  I was just wondering when is this horrible ting going to end.  I could not imagine spending a lot of time on the site.  There are many more things I would do before I spent a whole bunch of time on this site.

As far as how it works, I am unsure.  Who determines if the command you enter is valid or not?  Who even set up this awkward site.  A lot of things I would enter would not be recognized.  Then I would keep entering words until a response came. 

1)  Do you see any value in this program/site?

2) Did you understand how the site functioned?

I felt like it brought me to the same place over and over again.  Maybe this creation would be more popular and like if it was updated.  I certainly would like it more than.  If it evolved with the times and was more interactive that would be great. 



  1. I understand your frustration of this game, definitely. It was so new, foreign, and hard to navigate. But, didn’t you have those moments when you used the right command or unlocked some door? Those moments felt great. For me, those moments fueled me to keep going and see how far I could get in this game. The opportunities were endless – that has to be a little intriguing, right??

  2. Hey, I’m from your discussion group. No one’s e-mails are really correct on the group page so I’d figure I’d contact everyone here. Our discussion is this week, so I figured we should start dividing up the material and writing what we need to write. My e-mai s mconnell@luc.edu.

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