What is this LambdaMoo thing?

Exploring LambdaMoo and what it had to offer was certainly an experience. I did not know what I was in for until I went in and explored it. I have to say that this seemed to be very important and quite vital in the advancement of technology and digital media spaces. It was not like Facebook or Instagram; rather it involved very active participation-one must become involved with the text. This place served many and it allowed people to have the ability to control the decisions of things rather than it just being on the screen- one could type in a short phrase or word and depending on what was said, the system would comply. If the system did not recognize what was said it would say it does not understand and comparing it to something like Google in which one typed that same phrase, Google would lead you to many different things that relate or pertain to it. This had a set limit of what it could do and what it could not, but what it did offer and (experiencing it myself) was that LambdaMoo keeps you entertained- it keeps you wanting to stay on longer to see what more is in store.

Reading is quintessential when using this interactive space, having a couple of options readily available for one to type in or if not one could type something else with perhaps having a chance of it working. It has the possibility of being a story in which you decide what happens next, a news source in which you can get news information that had occurred during the times it was active, and also some other things.  I explored the news part of it and honestly was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that came onto my screen. I gave up with it and decided to instead do the story part of it. That part was a bit exciting and also creepy. The creepy part I guess was just that I was interacting with LambdaMoo; it would respond to me both if my decisions were clear or not. It gave me this sense that I was not the only one making a decision. As the story progressed further and further, it got more exciting just seeing what my decisions ultimately led to. A picturesque garden, to a dog house, to the kitchen and so on. One other thing that caught my eye was the fact on how detailed everything was. Everything, at least in the story, was given lots of little details that made me feel that I was, in a sense, there in that location. It was surreal just how vivid it all came out to be. Being able to interact with the text was just a whole different experience as to technology and digital media now. You give an input and you get an output, but with LambdaMoo you give an input and you may get an output or multiple or even none.

Overall, my experience with LambdaMoo was eye opening. It is pretty weird but fascinating how this simple text space could allow one to interact in ways that are hard to believe. You get a different perspective on the term interactive with media now and before. Interactive before allowed one to actually become heavily involved in what they were doing and gave one more power to make the decision to click on a phrase or choose another to have a different outcome while now it is more of just getting one specific thing. Our interactions fail in comparison to the interactions that people had before. Heavy text-based sites are not something we would invest a heavy amount on now rather we prefer something a little bit lighter and to the point. LambdaMoo, though, does help to provide at least a little taste as to what it was to be on an interactive site before.


  • Personally, what feelings arose when you started using LambdaMoo? Did you feel weirded out? Intrigued? A bit like someone was right there with you?
  • Do you think that LambdaMoo had a strong influence with the new digital domains people socialize and talk and utilize for everyday use? Do you notice any elements of LambdaMoo still relevant today?

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