A Game Without Reward

Logging into LambdaMoo for the first time I was not sure what to expect. I never understood gamers or how it is possible for a person to become connected to a game. Upon entering LambdaMoo I felt overwhelmed with the amount of reading. Everything was explained in great detail and as I spent more time in the game I found myself becoming impatient, just skimming everything not actually reading. Being just a guest in this elaborate cyber community I felt like a complete outsider, It frustrated me not knowing the proper commands, where to go or what I could interact with. We were told in class about all the cool places we could visit in the game but I struggled to get out of the house and into the drive way. Other classmates shared how they managed to find their way to Paris or had conversations with other players in such a short amount of time.

Getting back on later that day I was determined to have an adventure in Lambda Moo, I decided to explore the house more and eventually I was lead to a bar where there were various games to play like PacMoo. I spent 10 minutes playing this familiar game but in a whole new way, it was interesting to move around not being able to visually see where anything was and respond quickly to avoid being captured. After that I explored the outside of the house and climb into a tree house that contained a time machine that I tried to figure out how to use. After many failed attempts I gave up and continued to roam around.

Entering I expected it to be similar to playing the SIMS game but it ended up being completely different. It had no objective, I am use to playing games that are win or lose or have a reward for playing. Playing a game for the shear entertainment and enjoyment of interacting with this community didn’t and still doesn’t make sense to me. I experienced how easy it is to lose yourself in the game but don’t think it is something I would enjoy doing regularly.

Jestelle Irizarry


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