It started out like the Amazing Race. We were all put into a coat closet and told to figure our way out, then from there explore the space we were exposed to. I was so confused I ended up just telling my virtual self to go north, south, east, or west. When discussing LamdaMoo in class I was thoroughly puzzled as to how this virtual world worked. No pictures, no video, just words? Didn’t seem like it was possible to be honest.

As I logged into the game I was astonished by how much text there was to explain where I was and what was going on. During the in-class portion of the experience I was overwhelmed due to the fact that so many people were logged into the game and that I could see their progress. This part of the game frustrated me because I couldn’t read the text describing my setting because updates kept moving the description out of my view. I was so flustered because I wanted to go to Paris or experience something beyond the confines of the house but never did. It was a competition between my fellow classmates and I.

As I tested out LambdaMoo at home I still didn’t experience much success. When it comes to reading lots of text I am the most impatient person. I resorted to doing the same thing I did in-class which is just tell my virtual self to go north, south, east, or west. I’m so glad that virtual games have updated because although LambdaMoo isn’t a difficult game to navigate I still found it too frustrating for me to want to try to comprehend. Basically, I find video or electronic games do not pique my interest in general, so the fact that this game didn’t have any visual aspect to it made it even harder for me to want to play it.

To summarize after testing it out I don’t think I would ever play the game again mainly due to the extensive reading it forces the player to deal with. If I play a game I want it to be mind numbing and easy enough for me to figure out.


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  1. I agree that it was difficult to move beyond the confines of the house. Even with using the commands a lot of objects did not allow for interactions. I’m thinking that maybe if you interacted more with the books found through out the house you could find a portal into paris, maybe?

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