My LambdaMOO Experience

I visited LambdaMOO a few times. I was unable to attend class the day we were to visit it, therefore, I struggled with the initial steps to enter LambdaMOO. once I figured out the steps, I was very surprised.

The experience was so plain. There were no visuals other than text. It was like I was walking through a book but made my own decisions and didn’t know what exactly to expect next. I was happy about the help the program gave me. there were times that I didn’t know what to do, but the program, especially in the beginning, would tell me what commands would work.

There were many times when I would get stuck somewhere and type “go north” then “go south” then “go east” then “go west,” and I would finally be able to move. While it could be frustrating, it was also fun. I loved how descriptive everything was. For example: “This is a wooden deck behind the main house, facing southward across the pool to the lush gardens beyond.  To the west is the door into the living room and to the north is a sliding glass door into the master bedroom, with a door to a half bath in the western side of the north wall.  At the east end of the deck is a large hot tub.” One of my favorite parts of my experience was when I entered the garden. Overall, I liked LambdaMOO a lot. This is why I tried it out so many times. I am glad that I learned about it in class.

This is a space where a specific group of people comes together. People who are gifted with the ability to visualize and give color and depth to the words that they read really flourish in this environment. I think that it is also important to note that the people who take part in this community know about it. LambdaMOO is something that I had never heard of. It took a communications class for me to learn about what LambdaMOO is. If one is used to this environment, it becomes a part of their identity. Unlike me, they have the ability to easily more about the world of LambdaMOO. The community also nurtures curiosity. There are so many places and things to explore. Somehow, one student of our class was once able to go to Paris. One minute you are in a closet, the next you are somehow in Paris. That is pretty incredible.

According to research, they can even add to the environment. They put their time and effort into the world. It is a place that they dedicate knowledge, personality, and effort to. They, as well as others, can interact with what they have built.

LambdaMOO is an incredible environment. It is creative, interactive, and continues to grow. It hosts a community of creative and curious people.

Written by: Katya Seitz


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