Spector Blog 5

I viewed the speech by Sandee Kastune of I.C. Stars.  She started out as a science teacher and worked with trouble kids.  She found that these kids indeed were teachable.  They were told to pick an element to be:  from the solids, liquids, and gases.  Their seating assignments were determined by the group they belonged too.  She created a policy where students had to come back after they graduated and told them how they were using the science that they learned in her class.  She ran into her brightest student years down the road and found out that he became a janitor.  But he was passionate about his career and explained how much that he had learned about chemicals.  Sandee then decided that she wanted to apply technology to community leaderships.  She started an institute to teach people to use technology that would get them a better job.  The program lasts for a year and includes a small stipend.  Their incomes increased by an average of 400%.  They stayed in the south and west sides, where they came from, and bought homes there; they invested in their communities.    

She asked us how are you heating people are cooling them down?  How are you helping people be in there element.  How are you in your element?  She in a sense was motivating the audience to make a a difference.  It is remarkable how many lives this woman has changed.  She took so many out of poverty by providing them the opportunity to better themselves with hard work, not handouts.  It is also amazing that once the graduates were making a decent living they decided to invest in the low income communities that they came from.  It is interesting to imagine how people like that could transform a community form an impoverished place to a desirable community within as little as a decade. the_early_years_0


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