Blogging  50pts.

Ongoing. Throughout the semester you’ll be asked to reflect thoughtfully on readings, class topics or technical skills. You’ll post all of your work for these assignments to the class wiki. Expect to write 300-500 words per post. Proofread and edit your posts – your classmates will read and respond to your posts. See assignment requirements for details. Due dates listed in the schedule below.

Discussion Leadership  50pts.

Working with assigned group members, you will help facilitate class for one assigned week.  Complete the readings for that week early, collaborate on a post for the class website that highlights key points, and asks open-ended discussion questions for class to consider. Post a list of additional resources that might be useful to learn more about the topics covered. You will be called on to help facilitate class by leading discussion or leading group work.

For students who aren’t leading the discussion that week – you should log on to the class blog regularly, read the post covering that week’s readings, and come to class prepared to discuss some of the questions the discussion leaders raise.

Media Diet Project  150pts.

You will design a personalized project to reflect on everyday life lived with media. You will track and assess your own media use using multiple data generation strategies, design a way to test and analyze your everyday life lived with media, and then write a reflective essay about your experience. You will build a website to share your data and reflections. 

Digital Culture Artifact Project  150pts.

Working in teams, create some sort of new media artifact (a web site, podcast, digital film, digital photo collage, mashup, meme, etc.). Write a short (5-7 page) paper justifying your artifact’s existence – explain what it is, what it contributes to some online community, and how it ties to course themes. Present your artifact and justification to the class during weeks 14 and 15. This project will be evaluated in three parts: Artifact for 75 pts., paper for 50 pts., presentation for 25 pts. See assignment requirements for details.

Participation 100 pts.

Participation is based on attendance (25) completion of in-class assignments and pop quizzes (25) quality of work (25) and peer review (25). See policies above on participation, attendance, lateness, citizenship and technology in the classroom. Your attendance and participation in writing workshops, film screenings, and guest lectures factors into your participation grade.

500 points total