Blogging 50 pts.

In this ongoing project, students will post to the class wiki, and comment on each other’s work. Check the schedule for BLOG prompts. Prompts are listed in the schedule on the day they’ll be discussed. For each prompt in the schedule, follow the directions and/or compose a thoughtful response. In the class wiki, under the current week, create a new page to post your response to the prompt. Read and comment on two classmates’ posts. Respond to comments made to your post. ALL of this work (original posts and comments) is due before class on the day it is listed in the schedule. That means you’ll have to compose and post your response a day or two before the due date so you may comment on classmates’ work. You may post comments to classmates’ work during discussion in class, but don’t make this a habit.

Your Posts

Each post should be about 3+ paragraphs – around 350 words. To receive credit you MUST post before class on the day the prompt is listed in the schedule. Posts should be tagged, titled, or categorized as a new page in the proper week folder on the class website. Be consistent and sensible in how you title and sign your work.

To receive full credit for your blog posts, they should:

(1) respond to and analyze, rather than just summarize, that week’s reading(s) or topic(s) – if the prompt is a specific question or task, reflect on how that concepts from the week’s readings can lend insight on the question.task;

(2) include at least two open-ended discussion questions;

(3) include at least one link to an outside source related to the issues that the readings cover;

be proofed for grammar and spelling errors.

Five posts will be assigned, earning up to 10 points each according to the following:

10 Excellent, insightful post. deep beneath the surface. Creative and innovative approach to the problem/question being considered. Outstanding content, clarity of writing, and organization. Takes full advantage of the blogging medium and includes appropriate links, images, videos, etc. to illustrate points. Sophisticated, appropriate use of language.  Thorough research and documentation of ideas, arguments, and comments.  Free of mistakes: no typos; no misspellings; no punctuation or grammatical glitches; no errors of fact.
9 Blog post is good. It exceeds the basic requirements of the assignment, all parts are included, and the author has clearly made some attempt at connecting the assignment to the larger course themes – although a few more connections could be made.Takes some advantage of the blogging medium and includes appropriate links, images, videos, etc. to illustrate points.  More details, quotes, citations, or examples needed, but overall, the posting is above average. Almost no usage/grammatical errors.
8 Posting is average and meets basic expectations of the assignment.  May need work on content, clarity, and organization. May have a couple of noticeable grammar/usage errors, lack a few transitions, or tie the assignment only loosely to the course themes. Takes average advantage of the blogging medium and may include links, images, videos, etc. to illustrate points. Although basic facts most likely are there, lacks elaborating and supporting documentation or quotes.
7 Weak, unfocused work.  Organization is below average, with numerous grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Major requirements of the assignment are missing or incomplete. Takes little advantage of the blogging medium and includes almost no links, images, videos, etc. to illustrate points.
0 Not completed (0%) or turned in late (50% – 5 points).

Your comments

Blogs and wikis are about community, conversation and audience, and so you must participate in your classroom community. For each blog assignment (see schedule for topics and due dates) you must comment on two of your classmates’ posts. All your classmates’ posts will be pages within each week’s folder on the class wiki, so you can easily find them and comment. Before each blog assignment due date, check out a few of your classmates’ posts and comment on at least two. Comment intelligently. “Nice post, dude!” doesn’t count as an intelligent comment.

Comments are due the same day the posts are due. You will not receive credit for commenting on all your classmates’ posts all at once in week 14.

Try to post early – if everyone updates their posts at the last possible minute, no one will have time to comment, and everyone loses.