Discussion Leadership

Discussion Leadership 50 pts.

Working in groups, students will collectively prepare for class lecture, summarize ideas, comment on readings, and question class content each week.

You will be the experts for the week your group is assigned. You’ll be responsible for adding and editing a number of things on the class website during that week. You’ll do this in two steps:

Before – before your assigned week starts, you’ll post:

1. a summary of the readings (1-2 paragraphs, not an outline) 

2. discussion questions

3. an list of main ideas you expect to come up in lecture/discussion

4. a list of possible additional readings on some topics you find most interesting this week

After – after your assigned week ends, you’ll edit a few things

1. update your summary – add ideas/facts you missed earlier, strike and correct errors.

2. respond to threads started under your discussion questions

3. fill in your list of main ideas with notes from lecture/discussion

After activities may be completed during class time, during lecture, or anytime after your week, but must be completed before the midterm, or final exam review depending on what week you choose.

Your Posts

In your week’s Discussion post on the class website, create a new page to include all your information. Title your post “Week X Discussion” and categorize it under Discussion to keep things organized.

Summaries should include a bird’s eye view of the topic(s) for the week in addition to summaries of individual readings.

Cite all quoted and paraphrased material properly

Classrooms are about community, conversation and audience, and so you must participate in your class website community. Editing activities are open to everyone in the class no matter what week it is. The week’s group members are the experts, but if you took detailed notes, or that some key idea is missing, or just want to add your view to the mix, feel free to add to or edit /any/ post on the class wiki at any time before, during, or after class. Yes, that’s right – you may update the website or class Twitter feed during class.