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My Experience In Using Twitter

So I’m going to be completely honest here. I first created a Twitter account back in November 2009 when the site began to become increasingly popular among friends. I believe Twitter was created sometime in 2006, but I can’t recall, at least I swear I can’t recall, it becoming extremely popular untilI sometime in 2009. I noticed that it became popular and wanted to see what the hype was all about. I also wanted so badly to become an active part of the Twitter community upon first joining it, but to be completely honest, it bored me badly enough for me to barely write two blog posts and never look at it again.

For some time, I forgot I even created an account in the first place. However, now that I look back upon my experience those few years ago and compare it with the experience I had just a few moments ago, signing in and tweeting, I have found myself strangely addicted to following companies and ideas that interest me. I’m beginning to take a great liking to Twitter.

I followed countless interests within the span of about half an hour – eighty interests to be exact. I also started re-tweeting ideas I liked, and added several posts to my favourites. Mostly though, I think I wrote way too many tweets in too short a period of time to make up for the time I spent forgetting I even had a Twitter account in the first place. Hey, it evens out.

Twitter Logo


My First Experiences with a Computer, PC Games, and the Internet

I was first introduced to my parents’ computer when I was about six years old, in the year of 1998. I was in the 1st Grade at the time, and the computer looked a lot like this:

First Computer

I remember using that computer to play a variety of PC games that grew popular among young children at that time, including Detective Barbie: The Mystery of the Carnival Caper, Reader Rabbit’s 1st Grade, Barbie Riding Club, Freddie Fish: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell, Candy Land, Ariel’s Story Studio, Jump Start 2nd Grade, and The Easy Bake Kitchen PC Game.

Detective Barbie Reader Rabbit Barbie Riding Club Freddi Fish III


Candy Land Story Studio Jump Start 

When I was about eight years old, I started using the Internet. It was around that time that my older cousin, Bartek, who was around eighteen, came to visit from Poland. He was extremely tech-savvy and first showed me, then taught me, how to use the Internet. I remember watching him in wonder and taking in all that he had taught me like a sponge. Very soon after, I remember finding a website called on my own. Instantly, it became my favorite website and my new obsession.

Old Neopets Layout

I remember having no difficulty whatsoever, at the age of eight, creating my own account without the help of my parents or cousin. I did, however, have plenty of trouble activating my account upon logging in. I remember it so vividly, and it surprises me because this was so long ago. In order to activate an account, and this goes for any account that is created even today, one must have a valid email address. I had absolutely no concept or idea of what an email address was, or how one would go about using it, or of the fact that setting up an email address required me to set up a whole new account on a whole other website. My cousin hadn’t taught me that. I remember how frustrated I was. I was so intrigued by this website, but found that I could not continue on to it or its games without activating it first. So, I struggled for about two weeks but finally, through some miracle, activated that account, which further implied that I had somehow managed to create an email. I remember how unbelievably happy and proud of myself I was. I also remember telling my parents about it, though they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

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