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Attending the Digital Ethics Symposium was a great experience for me. I was able to hear multiple speakers with many different ideas. One speaker that stuck out to me was Sara Perry of University of York. She discussed Gender and Digital Cultural. Her presentation started off with the topic of the “Unafraid Blogger.” Yes, we should be able to post our opinions and thoughts on the web for others to see. People’s voices should be heard on certain topics if they wish for that to happen. The question is, is it always safe to post your opinion and views for the entire world to see? The answer is no, because this can be extremely dangerous. We have the right to post our views, but coming from a safety stand point it’s not always best. People won’t always agree with others, and sadly things such as harassment can come from this.

Sara Perry then began to discuss her personal experience with harassment within her professional life. She said that she knew the people who were sending her emails, and that’s why she was so nervous about the situation. These emails that she received were discussing her physical appearance. The harassers also went into detail about sexual thoughts of her. She began to do studies on this idea of harassment within via media. Sara Perry interviewed men and women, asking if they’ve experienced harassment via media at any point in their life. Many of them experienced harassment via media within their professional careers. She targeted people within all fields of practice. Her findings showed that male’s harassment wasn’t as severe as the female’s harassment. Men would receive hate emails. Emails discussing how horrible they are at they’re job. Women received harassment discussing their gender, race, or sexual thoughts of them. I wasn’t surprised when she noted that women were the main receivers of gender, sexual, and racial harassment. I’ve received gender and racial harassment via media so I understood that statistic. Sara Perry also noted that majority of those who were being harassed didn’t report their abuse. They decided that they would just ignore it and not respond to the harassment. There were some people who reported their harassment to their companies. Sadly, many of the companies said that they couldn’t handle this situation and that they were unable to be of any assistance. It saddens me that people don’t take these actions seriously, and don’t try to do anything to stop them. I hope that in the near future people can see that this is a serious matter, and that it needs to be stopped before it gets too dangerous and out of control.




I also enjoyed listening to Lindsay Ems presentation about “Approaches to Amish Technology use: the body as an optional, ideal communication medium.” I found this topic so interesting, because I honestly don’t know about the Amish and their lifestyle. Lindsay Ems discussed the idea of Amish preferring to talk face to face rather than through an email, text message, or a phone call. She said that they feel as if the feeling and emotions are lost. The only way that you can’t feel true emotion is through a face to face conversation. During a face to face conversation you’re able to see the body language, facial expressions, and gestures of an individual. Those are the main ways to show emotion.  Without those significant actions you lose all emotion and feelings. Lindsay Ems also states that media causes a lack of community and family. With using media, everyone would be so focused on everything expect for what was right in front of their faces, their family. I believe that this true, because there has been multiple times when my family and I go out for dinner and we’re all on our phones and no one is speaking to each other. We’re so focused on texting or social media that we can’t focus on each other. Lindsay Ems also quotes “the easy way isn’t always the best way.” Meaning that texting and emailing is an extremely quick way to communicate with our friends and family, but it isn’t the best way. It’s not the best way, because you lose the love and emotion.

The Amish also feel that televisions shouldn’t be used. It exposes their community to too much. They feel that it exposes them to things that will stick with them forever. Once they see those different things on television or on the radio, they then become those things. Things that they won’t be able to ever get rid of, and they don’t want those “negative ideas” of the world to latch on to them for eternity.


The Evolution of Communication

Text messaging has become a very popular line of communication over the years. I can’t think of one person that I know who doesn’t have a cellphone that doesn’t send text messages. In the past the more common way to communicate was through phone calls or face to face, but things have definitely changed. The Dystopian viewpoint wouldn’t agree with the idea of text messaging. Communication is important, and the most important part of communication is the relationship that gets gained through the process. Are people really getting that true relationship that they could be gaining if they were to hear someone’s voice, or see someone’s face? Dystopian viewpoint would immediately say, no! Not getting that face to face communication can truly affect a relationship in a negative way. For example, someone could think that you were mad in a text message, when you actually have a huge smile on your face! Small things such as punctuation can change the entire dynamic of the conversation. Someone could take a simple exclamation point in the wrong way. Face to face communication is important and is a must at times. Texting can be seen as a Utopian viewpoint. That is because it seems to be a very proficient and relaxed way to communicate. People are communicating, but they are allowed to communicate at their own pace. In a face to face conversation you can’t sit and think about what you want to say. You are forced to immediately respond, because you are in the presence of the person. If you were texting, the conversation would be more relaxed and you wouldn’t seem pressed for time to respond. If someone wasn’t sure how to respond they could take their time gathering their answer or comment, making a “perfect response” in their eyes. Our technology is changing daily. At times I enjoy this, but I don’t always think it’s a good idea. I can admit that my communication skills have gotten worse, because I’m not having phone call conversations or face to face conversations. I send hundreds of text a day, and may have three conversations a day through a phone call. I definitely have a better relationship with those people (family) that I’m calling daily rather than those I’m only texting. Maybe my friendships would be steadier if I had more face to face conversations or phone call conversations. I think I’m going to give that a try!


The Twitter Old-Timer

Tweeting is nothing new or unusual for me. I tend to click my twitter button about every two hours. At times I may just click it because I’m bored, but once I click that blue bird icon I’m most likely going to tweet something. No telling what the tweet will be about, but there will something being posted! At times my tweets aren’t always “thick tweets.”


Thick tweets: tweets that include more than one layer of information.


Sometimes I tweet how I’m feeling or sometimes I may just tweet song lyrics of the most recent music that I’d been blaring in my ears while sitting on the bus. For example, lately I’ve been tweeting Jhene Aiko song lyrics from her new album Souled Out. At times I go back and delete tweets because I ask myself “what was the point of that?” I have a bad habit of tweeting and not thinking before I post. This is something that I’m still working on, and I know I need much more improvement.


I’ve noticed that I truly don’t have many “thick tweets.” I don’t send out much information and the tweets I do send out are often short. After reading a couple articles about twitter I realized that my twitter is somewhat pointless. I’m wasting time because I’m not taking advantage of the 140 characters that I get. Instead I often, probably use up to 60-70 characters.

After doing this assignment I’ve realized that I should use my tweets for good actions. Yes, it’s alright to tweet song lyrics and hilarious pictures that I find on the web. But more “thick tweets” need to be thrown into my daily routine on twitter. Tweet things that can be beneficial and give out information when needed.

I really enjoyed this assignment, because it opened my eyes toward my poor twitter habits and tweets!

comm 200


Sitting at our brand new wooden desk in the kitchen corner, I turned our new computer on. That was honestly the first time that I had ever used a computer. My sister tapped me and looked at me with excitement! We waited for it to turn and all of a sudden a blue screen popped up. It took the computer some time to load up. Once it was finally done loading my sister hit the big “E” button in the left hand corner of my screen, and we waited and just waited. It seemed like it was taking an eternity. We heard it making a dialing sound. When we initially heard those sounds we thought we had broken something already! We sat and watched, and finally Yahoo home screen popped up on our computer. My sister looked at me and I looked at her, and we knew that we’d just entered into a new world.

We stayed on Yahoo for a while, just navigating and trying to see what all was out there for us to rummage into. My sister eventually found the Yahoo games, and I must admit it was one of the happiest moments of my life! At that point I was anxiously waiting for it to be my turn to use the computer. After about twenty minute of playing games my mom yelled into the kitchen for my sister to allow me a chance on the computer. I sat down and immediately clicked the mouse. I began to click on things that I had no knowledge about. My starting point was on Yahoo games and eventually ended somewhere far away from Yahoo. I quickly realized that the internet truly was a different world.  I could get lost in this “new world” in a matter of minutes.  My first internet experience was one that I will forever enjoy, cherish, and remember.