Project E-liminate



  • Chelsea Kuchik (
  • Hannah Otto (
  • Ella Henning (
  • Liz Dimauro (
  • Lizzie Carrozza (

Project Website:

Description of the Issue

For our artifact, we wanted to create a source of information to help spread the word about the harm technological waste (e-waste) is doing to the environment, especially in developing areas such as Ghana and parts of rural China. For now, we have chosen the name Project E-liminate, in the hopes that our project might help spread awareness and change minds in how people choose to dispose of their electronics. A majority of our cellphones, laptops, computers, hard drives, etc. are being shipped to developing countries and having severe environmental and health effects on those who live there. With the industry booming like it is, it is crucial that e-waste starts being dealt with in a more responsible manner.

Description of the Artifact

The Frontline episode we watched in class was very eye-opening, however we feel that something that is shorter, more interactive, visually appealing, and “clickable” could be beneficial to the cause. We agreed that while the Frontline video was a great source of information, it isn’t something that could be shared on facebook for people to get educated on the issue quickly. We are creating our artifact in the hopes to convey the same information – and more – in a visually appealing way that could possibly go viral.

We hope to use the Storyteller template for wordpress to create a visually appealing story to share the information in a straightforward manner. We also want to include multiple infographics. These will be included in the storyteller, but can also function on their own to promote awareness to e-waste’s environmental effects.


Possible Sources:


Oct 22.

  • Delegate group tasks
    • who will be in charge of what portions of our topic.

Oct 24-27.

  • Have research finished
  • Begin to decide what information will go on infographics
  • Format and plan the Storyteller Essay

Oct 29-Nov 2.

  • Have at least one infographic finished
  • Have a plan for how we want to present the project to the class

Nov 3.

  • Informal Presentation

Nov 21.

  • Have artifact finished
  • Start planning who will write what portions of paper. Create a Google doc

Nov 28

  • Have paper finished
  • Practice presentation

Dec 1-3

  • Present Artifact





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