Digital Dilemmas

Team Name:

Digital Dilemmas

Group Members:

Hailey Peterson –

Daniel Valenzuela –

Maxwell Spector –

Madison Rau –


Issues of gender in technology


A website that exemplifies the issues of gender in technology, and a video link to a creative compilation of interviews. This website is intended to advocate for gender equality in technology.

How we communicated for the project:


Research – Oct. 20th to Nov. 20th

Design – Nov. 20th to Dec. 8th

Presentation – Wednesday, Dec. 3rd


Written Portion:

Madison Rau, Daniel Valenzuela, Maxwell Spector, Hailey Peterson

Professor Dougherty

Communication and New Media

8 December 2014

The Digital Dilemmas and, “Issues with Gender in Technology”

Issues with gender in technology are growing immensely by the day. Collectively, our group wanted to hear from the public to see if the level of awareness on the subject of gender inequalities was high or low. We eventually came to the conclusion that a website showcasing the opinions of the public would be the best medium to compile all of our research. Individually, we each decided to interview different people on the subject matter and create a video depicting the opinions. Overall, we hope that our site is used as a source to locate information on the subject of gender inequality, so the public can expand their knowledge. The intentions of this website are to advocate for gender equality and bring about awareness that the solution is a knowledgeable society. With a better understanding of gender inequalities, and how they are having a negative impact on society, it is presumed that people will be more inclined to contribute to the elimination of any unfairness in the tech world.

Our perspective on this issue is that even with inequalities, we can voice our opinions to help promote a positive change. We want to bring this issue into the spotlight because many people are unaware of these issues. The best way for us to contribute to making a change is to educate people on the topic. An understanding of what is happening with each gender in the realm of technology is necessary in today’s society online. We are careful not to say that technology is bad or is not a place to be, rather, with a bit of alterations both genders can live in this realm without feeling inferior to one another. The goal of the project is to enlighten the public to the possibility of equality. We want our website to be a gathering place for people that want to better understand the different sides of arguments concerning gender inequalities.

There are others who believe that, in the technological world, gender is not a major issue. In an article written by Issie Lapowsky titled, This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like, Lapowsky had attended a panel presented by a woman named Kathryn Tucker. Tucker spoke about her experience pitching an idea to an investor who “didn’t invest in women” (Lapowsky). Lapowsky writes, “It was one of many stories shared during a panel that painted the tech world as a place that—for all its efforts to push into the future with apps and gadgets and online services—is still very much stuck in the past when it comes to attitudes involving gender”. People need to become more aware; they need to understand the technology realm is not equal for each gender as of now. Highlighting these encounters people have had, asking others what they think and cohesively combining it all into a place where a person can read and learn about the imbalance among the two genders will help educate and hopefully lead to positive change.

As a group we decided to put together a website that incorporates all of our articles, research and interview footage. A key component of our artifact was to create a video that we edited to consist of public opinions of people with different perspectives and backgrounds. We felt that a website would be a great forum to access this video among other related research regarding our topic. We felt the video was a cohesive and concise way to display public beliefs. Our group believed it was important to include a diverse demographic for our video. With a variety of races, ages and gender we were able to get an accurate representation of numerous viewpoints. The Digital Dilemmas urge readers to become more aware and informed regarding the obvious gender inequalities. The website is a great way to advocate for awareness in order to initiate change, hoping that with easy access to our collaborative research and findings readers will be more inclined to contribute to the elimination of any unfairness in the tech world.

Our website demonstrates that issues of gender in technology are different for every individual. With our site as a source of reference and our video as a testimonial it is left to the viewers to make a difference. This topic is extremely relevant to society today. Lately, people such as Emma Watson are advocating for equal rights among genders and we want to expand the spectrum of knowledge regarding the efforts to reach equality in technology. There has been a massive uproar among multiple facets of life that one gender is dominating technology, whereas, the opposing gender is more subordinate. Inequalities in any form are not a characteristic of society that we want to allow to grow. It is necessary to bring about awareness as swiftly as possible in order to eliminate the chance for people to think any inequalities in life are “okay”. This is a safe place for others to read, comment, and discuss the issues of gender inequality. By being a part of this digital space one has the opportunity to chime in on gender issues in technology.

Works Cited

Lapowsky, Issie. “This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like.” Conde Nast

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