Week 10

M O27          Integrity and Connection

Rushkoff, Identity

Cherny, The Modal Complexity of Speech Events in a Social MUD

Dibbell, A Rape in Cyberspace


W O29          Virtual Community

In Class Assignment: LAMBDAMOO


MAC: open Terminal (in Applications/Utilities or search Spotlight). At the prompt, enter “telnet lambda.moo.mud.org 8888” without the quotation marks. Hit enter and follow the on-screen directions.

PC: install a free telnet client (LUC recommends PuTTY at http://orion.luc.edu/ssh Once installed, choose this program from the start menu. Enter “lambda.moo.mud.org” as the HostName, and “8888” as the Port without the quotation marks. Choose Connection Type: Telnet, and click OK. Follow the on-screen directions.

CAMPUS PC LAB: From the Start Menu, choose Loyola Software/Internet Tools/PuTTY.  Enter “lambda.moo.mud.org” as the HostName, and “8888” as the Port without the quotation marks. Choose Connection Type: Telnet, and click OK. Follow the on-screen directions.

CAMPUS MAC LAB: Open Applications folder, open Ultilities folder, find Terminal and open this program. At the prompt, type “telnet lambda.moo.mud.org 8888” without the quotation marks. Hit enter and follow the on-screen directions.

Once connected, type Connect Guest, hit enter, and follow the instructions.

As you explore LambdaMoo, keep in mind that this online community is the the earliest of it’s kind dating waaaay back to 1990. At that time, “connecting” on the internet looked a lot more like your Terminal screen than like your modern Web Browser. Surfing the web looked more like sorting through discussion board posts or an AOL Chat than today’s pretty websites (lots of reading green text on a black screen, instead of clicking on images or videos).

Give yourself time and patience to play here. Try typing any words as commands like <go north> or <look painting> or <smell flower> without the <>’s. Look for clues about directions you can move and activities you can perform in the description each new space provides you. If you forget where you are, type <look> to get a repeat of the description.

As you write your blog post, do not be tempted to compare your experience in LambdaMoo to your contemporary experiences on today’s web. Don’t be tempted to describe today’s web as “better than” this old version. Rather, critically consider the idea of community; critically consider the different media ecology of a space like the text-based but still interactive LambdaMoo.




F O31          Cyberpunk


It’s Halloween!

Earn up to 10 points extra credit for showing up to class in a communication-related Halloween costume. Be prepared to use concepts from class to defend your costume. The better your explanation, the more points you earn. 


In Class Assignment: CYBERPUNK

Short Film Festival

Epic 2014 (15m)  Originally released in 2004. A short flash video about the future of information. Originally released in 2004, it speculates on the sci-fi future of 2014! It’s a video timeline from the imaginary Museum of Media History. It tkes you year by year through interesting tech changes that lead us to the bizarre world of 2014. As you watch the timeline, everything is true through 2004 on the timeline…  There is an updated version Epic 2015.

Sight (8m) A short film adapting and expanding and speculating on augmented reality technologies

Troll (6m) Animation about Internet Trolls and cyberbullying

Chorebot (8m) A short film about a robot.