Week 11*

M N03*          Workshop

present your artifact work in progress for feedback.


DUE Blog post 4.

Log in to LambdaMoo. Spend at least 30 minutes exploring this space on your own. Write a 300+ word post describing your experience. Make reference to some of the ideas from this week’s readings. Read and comment on your classmates’ posts.

As you write your blog post, do not be tempted to compare your experience in LambdaMoo to your contemporary experiences on today’s web. Don’t be tempted to describe today’s web as “better than” this old version. Rather, critically consider the idea of community; critically consider the different media ecology of a space like the text-based but still interactive LambdaMoo.



W N05          Information Ethics

Guest Lecture: Luciano Floridi

Floridi, The Fourth Technological Revolution (TED talk)

Choose one:

Floridi, Distributed Morality in an Information Society

Floridi, The Informational Nature of Personal Identity



F N07          Center for Digital Ethics and Policy Symposium

Field trip.

Attend at least one talk at the CDEP Symposium. Take notes and write a blog post due Monday, November 10.