Week 2*

M S01          Labor Day

No class meeting today.

Your first blog post is due Friday!

Email me by Wednesday before class if you need help posting your assignment.


W S03*          What’s New About New Media

Gitleman & Pingree, What’s New About New Media?

van Dijk, Characteristics of New Media

Manovich, What Is New Media? pgs. 43-70 (Optional)

Barlow, A Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace (Optional)

DUE   Media Diet project website. Email your url to the prof before class.


Links From Class

M.Wesch The Machine is Us/ing

M. Wesch Information R/Evolution



F S05*         

In Class Assignment: CODE

 Slangen, 5 Steps to Understanding Basic HTML Code

mkyong, Hello World! HTML Tutorial 

Titus, How the Internet Works (video from class)

Code Academy. Create an account with Code Academy. Choose the HTML & CSS tutorial and follow along. This is the simplest and fastest way to learn basic HTML.

For points toward participation (and more importantly, to gain highly valued coding skills), email me a screenshot of the farther point you got to in the tutorial. Email me by Friday 12 September.

DUE  Blog Post 1.

Write a 300+ word post about your first memories of using a computer and/or the internet. What characteristics of new media from our readings did you encounter, and how did you respond to it? What was your first “Ah-Ha!” moment about a particular characteristic of new media? Read and comment on your classmates’ posts. Post before class, comment before the next class meeting.