Week 8*

M O13          The DIY and DIT Ethos of Digital Culture

Lankshear & Knobel, DIY Media: A contextual background and some contemporary themes

Rhiendgold, Why You Need Digital Know-How



W O15          Workshop

Digital Artifact Assignment Introduction.

Get assigned a group for your final project!

If you miss class today it is your responsibility to get into a group for the final project.


F O17*          Workshop

Work with your team to plan your digital cultural artifact project.

DUE by the end of class today

Email me a 3 paragraph proposal for your final project.

  1. Explain the artifact you’ll create, and why the medium fits the message you have to share.
  2. Explain the skills you’ll need to complete the project, and where you’ll look for tutorials.
  3. Explain the relevant concepts from class and list references.

Include a list of group members, and cc them all on your message to me.

Include a plan for completion, including a calendar of deadlines.

Include any questions you have for me in order to get started.