Week 15*

If you present early in the week, you will be presenting an unfinished work in progress. Use our time to get feedback on last minute details.

Give a short presentation that outlines the project and connects it to concepts we’ve discussed throughout the course. During your presentation, your group will demonstrate your artifact–You may not have time to show your entire artifact, so be sure to pick a portion of it that’s the most interesting/provocative. 

You should prepare an outline and practice your presentation so that you do not go over time. Your presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes. You will get 2min, 1min and X warnings from a time keeper.  At 10 minutes you will be chased off the stage by a pack of angry badgers.

Not everyone in the group has to speak, but everyone should be present, interested, and alert (if you aren’t speaking, look like you care! If you can’t even be bothered to be interested in your own work, why should I bother to listen?)

You should use the following questions to help you prepare for your presentation:

A. Why did you choose this topic? Why is it important that we examine it?

B. How did you decide what artifact to create? How does it relate to the material we’ve discussed in class? Outside materials?

C. Set up the artifact for us – what do you want your audience to understand about your topic after seeing/hearing your work? How is your artifact contributing to the ongoing conversation we’ve been having this semester about new media?

D. What surprised you about this experience? What did you find difficult or easy?


M D01          Presentations

Team Vans



Group ?


W D03          Presentations

Digital Dillema

Incredible Autobus 13

The Pink Team

Team I Dare You To Find Me


F D05          Presentations


The Pink Alpacas

Project E-Liminate



You will hand in your final project using your Project Page here on the class website.

By this date your Final Project Page on the class website should look pretty spiffy.

Make sure it looks presentable: all links function, the design looks sharp, text is free of typos, all media is captioned and credited, all links and media are contextualized, and everyone’s name is listed. contain everything you want me to consider when grading your work.